Our Vision

We are a universal neighbourhood working globally to put together a sustainable future that eradicates the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality

To impel continual development and opportunities for young, elderly and disabled residents; and individuals working with them to learn new skills, try out new activities, challenge self to get involved and make constructive changes within their own lives and their communities.

We provide non-perishable food and distributing it within the community for effective assistance where need is great and tackling the effects of food poverty.

The Florence Adesanya Community Centre (FACC) Food bank is a charity founded on Christian principles. We work with people of all faiths and none, but are inspired to do what we do by faith.

Impoverished people in the communities are particularly susceptible to the effects of economic crisis, conflict, and disaster and are constantly exposed to the risk of even deep poverty. Moreover, growing wealth gaps are a destabilising factor in societies. Helping people to escape poverty and lead healthy, civilized lives is a vital task not only for the growth of communities but also for the stability of the country.

To reduce poverty, employment opportunities must be expanded through equitable growth that gives proper consideration to impoverished members of society, and public services like education and healthcare must be enhanced. FACC will provide support for human resources development, capacity building, policy and institutional improvements, and provision of social and economic infrastructure, thereby pursuing sustained poverty reduction through equitable growth.

FACC mission is to promote, enable and facilitate inclusive activities, which embrace and address the education, training, employment, welfare, health, social, cultural and recreational needs of the local community by:

• Keep the building available, accessible and safe for the use of local people and others.

• Enable a range of social, welfare, educational, training, development and health activities to take place at the Centre which responds to the needs of local people.

• Provide access to advice and information for all sections of the community.

• Provide good quality services to users and tenants.

• Consult with the local community so that we keep up to date with local issues and where possible, advocate and support the local community.

• Be financially sustainable.

Aims and Objectives

Florence Adesanya Community Centre (FACC) empowers disadvantaged young people to develop as individuals and enjoy new challenges through volunteering and social action whilst making a positive contribution to the community. This is achieved by providing young people with access to good quality volunteering, and social opportunities and supporting them to realise their own projects and ideas. FACC meets its aim through focusing its work on young people to initiatives that address community needs and, in benefiting others, provide them with a sense of citizenship and community responsibility. We have a high local profile and are recognised as a credible voice for young people and for our activities within the community. Our activities prepare young people for life and work, by combining and strengthening volunteering and social action to links to employment, education and training. Our focus is to generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for their projects and to support them to progress.

FACC encourages the involvement of young people from all sections of the community (especially those who are at risk of social exclusion through disability, mental health issues and economic deprivation) and ensure that all have equal opportunity to participate regardless of gender, religious and ethnic background, disability or sexual preference (or any other factor that may result in discrimination and prejudice).

Our objectives are:

  • To foster and develop increased learning and development opportunities for young people by encouraging and supporting them to contribute, steer initiatives and lead their own youth-led projects.
  • To build strong relationships with organisations that share our aims, thereby further increasing the capacity of young people to build on their skills and aptitudes for their own personal growth and their community’s long term success and development
  • To generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for the actions they undertake and to develop their citizenship and involvement in their communities.

FACC is community focussed, working in partnership with a wide range of diverse organisations to increase the integration of young people within the community. Through volunteering and youth led projects our services reflect the identified needs with the community and are predominantly based on 3 code of belief:

  • Intergenerational – Through intergenerational practice FACC aims to bring people together in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contributes to building more cohesive communities. Intergenerational activities build on the positive resources that the young, older and middle generations have to offer each other and are an effective way to address issues important to our community. FACC Intergenerational initiatives fall into three categories, supporting each other, working together to address community issues, and learning together.
  • Active Citizenship – FACC embraces the principles of Active Citizenship and this philosophy is integral to all our work. Young people are encouraged and supported to involve themselves within the community and engage in volunteering. All projects are youth led, gaining inspiration from the young people themselves and through service delivery young people learn and understand each other’s differences and to respect one another.
  • Social Action – FACC encourages social action supporting young people to work together to effect change both in their lives and within the community, raising funds for issues they feel passionate about and organising practical tasks.

Management Values

Excellence - FACC Management aims to provide excellent services for the local community. We strive to achieve and maintain this level of quality in all of our work.

Accountability - FACC Management is managed and run by local people and we are accountable and responsive to them at all times.

Equality - FACC Management is committed to eliminating discrimination in the local community and works to provide space and support to activities which contribute to this.

Financial Sustainability - FACC Management believes that stability of finance and excellence in management, are essential for the ongoing sustainability of the Centre.

Mutual Respect - FACC Management will treat everyone involved and connected with the Centre with the respect they deserve.

Dynamism - FACC Management will work with energy and dynamism and develop the Centre to represent and engage with the passion of Barking and Dagenham community.

Our team

Pastor Adeyemi Pastor-Adeyemi-Adesanya
President | Board of Trustees
Anne Izegbu Board of Trustees Anne Izegbu
Board of Trustees
Chima Ihenacho Secretarial Co-Ordinator Chima Ihenacho

Abiodun is a qualified medical doctor with almost 20 years of experience, trained both in Nigeria and United Kingdom. She works in emergency medicine NHS, United Kingdom.

Abiodun believes that all patients have a right to receive high quality clinically indicated care in a supportive and non-judgmental manner, hence her passion in looking after people irrespective of their sex and racial background which is the ethics of her profession ‘The Duty of Care’. Abiodun helps to promote the positive values of volunteering within the health profession. She recognises the voluntary effort that contributes to health and wellbeing of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham communities, and to public health and care services in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and also embeds a deeper understanding of volunteering and its benefits across all of health, public health and social care.

She loves to give back into her community, and help the community on holistic care of their health without prescribing drugs but giving advice to see their general practitioner when necessary. This made her volunteer to be part of FACC to give health check as well as support the food bank, the youth program and the over 50s club.

Michael has a BTEC in Media Studies. He joined Grace to Grace International Centre (GGIC) as a volunteer in November 2009, and has been working on different projects for GGIC before switching over to FACC. He is involved in media and volunteers projects, with his first project a short film about volunteering and why young people should volunteer, and then recently working with other volunteers at FACC on Food Bank and Health awareness.

He coordinated FACC community volunteer services program and consulted administrators and staff to determine organisation needs for various volunteer services and plans for FACC volunteer recruitment. He interviewed, screened, and referred applicants to appropriate units, maintained personnel records and prepared statistical reports on extent, nature, and value of volunteer service. Michael plans, organise and deliver 1:1 support sessions and volunteer meetings to ensure positive volunteering experience, offering through that additional coaching and mentoring at FACC.

Michael works in partnership across FACC teams to ensure they deliver holistic support for each volunteer as well as ensuring that relationships are beneficial and supportive for the FACC volunteers, LBBD and other local stakeholders.

Toyin is a healthcare professional with 9 years experience; she has worked with many people from different cultures, backgrounds and ages throughout the health care sector. Toyin holds a BSC in Nursing and she has experience in the following areas: information technology, customer service and business administration.

Toyin has provided strategic leadership across FACC and GGIC International to influence the FACC wide change which is shaping the group to become a more globally balanced organisation in order to increase its impact on poverty and disadvantaged youths. Toyin combines an interest in organisational development with her passion for social justice.

Her experience in the finance sector includes accounting for the financial transactions of women's group as well as the day-to-day running of her household finances. The passion for the community stems from her experience in the healthcare setting and her desire to help those neglected and marginalised in society.

Yvonne is a care practitioner for Parkinson's and Elderly people. Yvonne has trained on first aid, health and safety and qualified for body massages. Older people have the right to live independently, in safety and with dignity. Yvonne has been involved in reintegrating the ex-convicted back to the society.

Yvonne objective is to build relationships between people who might not normally interact, to tackle isolation, bridge social divides and bring our communities closer together and the prevalence of some conditions, such as dementia, increases. These has include supporting residents to lead a group activities such as a reading group; providing companionship around shared interests such as knitting, walking, playing board games and home background.

She has firm believe that personalisation, assistive technology, and the development of user involvement in commissioning present opportunities as well as challenges in supporting the less privilege to get employment and better social and health care. Yvonne future priorities include: challenging ageism; strengthening and listening to the voices of this ex-convicts and diverse group; comparing user-defined outcomes and cost effectiveness of different approaches, and using this evidence to develop a business case for change; and developing wider ownership of the debate, since it concerns everyone’s future quality of life. Her greatest passion is our community, and helping the less fortunate especially the homeless and unwanted.

Joseph has spent the last 6 years working in international Investment Banking. He has worked in various fields seeking to enhance its Control Room function with the addition of an experienced central compliance/ control room professional engaging and developing existing skills and expertise. Joseph has enhancing and honing skills in a generalist control room role with responsibilities in areas of conflict of interest, monitoring and investigating, list control, gifts and entertainment approval and records and financial promotions approval.

In addition to experience in the private sector Joseph has also worked for the Florence Adesanya Community Centre (FACC), he coordinates the projects that form part of the centre, such as the ex-offenders, over 50s club, youth program, food bank and health clinic.

Joseph holds BSC in Economics and has extensive experience in the fields of leadership, compliance function by assisting with training, providing management with written reports and other ad-hoc projects and international volunteering work. His voluntary work in the political realm has opened his eyes to areas in society that need more attention. This interest has fuelled his passion for working with these groups at a community level.

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