The Well

Adeyemi AdesanyaThe Well is a mentoring programme for youths and young adults aged 14-30. The Well focuses on supporting each individual’s development by providing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentee’s career and personal growth. Each mentee is guaranteed a mentor who will listen actively, managing the goals of the mentee in sessions, while encouraging the mentee to take responsibility for taking steps to achieve their desires. The Well also aims to help mentees personally by offering ways to reframe their thought processes through counselling. The mantra of The Well is ‘Purpose, Character, Impact’. The Well is an investment in each mentee’s life, to ensure they are taking the steps to emulate this mantra in all aspects of their life.

Purpose: At The Well, we teach that every single person was born with a purpose. We believe that everyone has a reason that they have been placed on this earth for a reason, and The Well focuses on helping each mentee find out what their purpose, tying it in with their vision for life.

Character: Whilst discovering their purpose, each mentee will develop their character. We focus on the many things in life that can affect how someone’s character is developed, from upbringing to self-esteem. We work on building all aspects of each individual’s character, so that they are the best version of themselves in the world.

Impact: The Well is not a programme that is meant to be contained. Through this programme, it is our belief that individuals will be able to make an impact  in the world (communities, businesses, organisations, universities etc). The Well is intended to be a ripple effect; helping one person find their purpose, and ensuring they carry this out with good character guarantees that the impact they make will be felt widely and passed down.

Participants of The Well meet monthly in sessions for a year, which help to build confidence in leadership, team-building, public speaking and presentations as well as offering advice on essential life skills such as finances. Mentees are able to specify the areas in their life that they believe they need help with, as well as what their goals are, and receive tailored help and advice. Sessions are largely group-based, with individual sessions running throughout the year also. Mentees have the hidden value within themselves extracted in what is guaranteed to be a hard, but rewarding process.